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Monday, 14 November 2016 • 3:00 pm • 0 comments

I must say, that the second week of November wasn't really in my favor. I sat for three papers for SPM, which is a relieved since I basically don't have to worry about those subjects anymore. But.. we'll never know when something or someone that you really love dearly would leave you, right? My pet cat just died, on the last Saturday. Bobo had been with our family for almost seven years now, which made Bobo a long-lived cat. I still can't believe that he left us, it's as if he was meowing right into my ear, asking to be feed. I miss him, a lot.

Of course, you can't expect to move on in a few days when you have spent years and years with your pet or someone you loved, no? Bobo was there when I needed love and comfort. But now, he is gone forever. I still cant believe it, though, I was grateful, that the night before he died, I played with him for a while.

Busy schedules kept me away from him, I have to study study and study all the time, that I had so little time to play with him, to soothe his soft fluffy fur. I was thinking that, this is nothing compared to lose your parents. Those who had experienced it must understand what I'm saying, even though I don't know how it feels, but I'm sure it'll feel the same as losing Bobo, only with more despair and miserableness. But despite all this, I learnt to be calm and go on with the flow. To accept the reality and moved on with life. Of course, it is easy to say, but if you never try, you'll never know.

"If Allah takes something from you, He will replace it with something better."

Time heals almost everything, or so they say. I told my friends, well those who needed advise from me, but weirdly, me myself doesn't know what that supposed to mean and how true it is.
Dilemma, you can't avoid these seven deadly letters. Another bad thing happens after the other one passed. That's what life is all about right? Enduring the pain, facing problems but somehow once in a blue moon, rainbow appears too despite all the darkness of sorrow and endurance. That's what makes we all stronger, and I believe, my heart will become stronger from time to time from enduring the pain that I'm going through right now. Just like what mom always told me:

"Be positive towards Allah's plans, and He shall rewards us with good things." 

With that, no more words needed. No matter how hard life is for you right now, I promise you rainbow in the approaching days, self. 

Rest well, Bobo. Sayang selalu.


welcome to my humble abode! i literally sucks at expressing my emotion, that's why i decided to start a blog, to express everything i am feeling at the moment. i live for my pets and food. x


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