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what holidays are for ???
Sunday, 15 November 2015 • 11:22 am • 0 comments
Yes. Exactly. What holidays are for if it's not for someone who's not lucky enough in life like me. I mean, everytime when it comes to holidays it's always will be me who do all the house chores. I'm not protesting or anything but just-- i feel so tired doing the same thing all over and over again. But afterall, isn't that what we always do in our lives? repeating the same shits. I'm so exhausted everyday since it's always me alone at home doing all the piling works. From doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, folding the clothes, mopping the floor, washing the dirty clothes, cook, watering the plants and even feed my pets! huh, im such a busy "housewife". Yet there's always no one there to accompany me and help me with the cleaning. What am I? a MAID??? ugh, have mercy on me. Everytime my parents are home, they'll always moody and let everything out on me. I'm so depressed! I shouldn't be this sad and down by this age.

These few weeks back then my family and I went to KL. It was a nice trip yet tiring. For me, i prefer to go travelling by myself of with friend rather than with my family. It's because my dad doesn't seem to handle his emotions real good. He was literally like, mad at everyone if there's a thing that doesn't really go on his way. He hit me once, with his fist. Also literally like, throwing everything he saw at me. I'm really lucky aren't i, friend? I jfeel like im his least favourite daughter. I just wish that i can switch my soul with someone else's. I wanna know how it feels to live in comfort without anyone around you that makes you so depressed and down.

Ah ah, what a life I have. Also from the bright side, I can actually dance! yay to that. 

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