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Saturday, 1 August 2015 • 9:10 pm • 0 comments
Hi guys! Assalamualaikum.

It's me-- again. If you didn't noticed, I just made some changes with my blog! For example, the header. I know I know--it's too simple but hey! Don't blame me for not blogging nearly two years (!!) and expect me to remember the coding and stuffs. I lost my creativity. Haha HA.

AND I am so gonna summon (do you summon your creativity or is it just me--nvm.) and recall my creativity back like how it used to. Gosh, I feel so dizzy at first since I lost track of awesome blogs that helped me a lot when I made my own template. AKA this one two years ago. So like, kinda feel like a lost child in the middle of supermarket except this is blogging world not supermarket and kinda feel like stABBING MY EYES because I'm so asdjlhgsjaldhhsk with what should I do first.

And here I am, with my new header. Just header though-- I didn't change any of it aside from header. Oh! and cursors.

I bet you feel the same way when you're designing your blog?

Let me know what you think! (and your struggles!) hyu.

girl online, going offline xx


welcome to my humble abode! i literally sucks at expressing my emotion, that's why i decided to start a blog, to express everything i am feeling at the moment. i live for my pets and food. x


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