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Freebies: Cursor #Kecik-II
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 • 8:42 pm • 0 comments

Fuyyo. Bagi freebies dua kali ni malam :P HAHA ! nvrmind. Ambiklah mana-mana yg berkenan.

Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart
Tiny Star
Tiny CD
Tiny Book
Heart Chat Bubble
Pink Diamond
Angel Wing Heart
Tiny Rainbow
Pink Cherry
Tiny Kaoani
Tiny Watermelon
Half Purple and Blue Butterfly
Tiny Bunny
Pink Paw Print
Cute Bunny Holding Heart
Cute Sprout Pot
Blue Berry and Cherry Mix

Nahh,itu jakk. Kbye,kalau sudah ambik tu.. comment-II la bah sikit :P

Right click Copy image URL :D

-Sincerely,from my heart-


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